New Player Help for Shenmue 3 is a simple guide to help players understand the basics of the game's mechanics as well as recommended things to do at the start of the game.

Helpful Pages:

  • Walkthrough: A detailed walkthrough of the game.
  • Controls: An overview of the game's default controls for each platform.
  • Combat: An explanation of the basic combat and movements acquired in the game.
  • Kung Fu: A detailed explanation on how Kung-Fu works
  • Skills: A list of all Skills, how to acquire them and what they do
  • Bosses: A list of all Bosses providing information and guides on how to defeat them.


Shenmue 3 New Player Help

Welcome martial art apprentices! Here you will learn the basic Concepts of Shenmue 3, enjoy the landscapes of The Village of Bailu as Ryo and become a Kung fu Master.


Open Word

Shenmue 3 takes place in an open world that follows the main character Hazuki Ryo and his attempt to avenge his father, who was murdered in Japan. 

During his journey, Ryo arrives at the village of Bailu and later to Niawou, a riverside City. He will spend a lot of time talking with NPCs (non-player character) and improving his combat skills.

Shenmue 3 is a typical old school game, it does not have quest markers and you are never told by the game where you must go. This is why it is important to talk to the different NPCs to find clues about what to do and where to go. To facilitate this task Ryo has a notepad where he will see the most important events and task. 


 Time and places

Throughout the game you will not only fight and gamble, you will also talk to NPCs. In-game hours pass as you play, and some events are only available at specific times. This is why the game features a mechanic called "Jump", which will let players travel to a specific key event, at a specific location and time.




On the notepad Rio will keep track of places and times to go, as well as all kinds of important entries that will allow the player to follow the progress of the game.


Restore HP

Throughout the day the energy or HP of the character will decrease. To restore your HP meter, you should consume food, or if it is after 9PM you can return to Shenhua’s house to sleep. You can see the status of the life bar in the lower left of the screen.




Kung Fu & Skill Books

Kung Fu is one of the main aspects of the game, and it has two main stats. One is Attack, that can be improved by sparring with partners found at the Dojo and around the open world. One example is Su XIziong that can be found at Bailu's Village Square. You can also use a training block called "One Inch Punch to improve your attack. The second aspect of Kung Fu is endurance. Endurance is improved by performing Horse Stance, also at a dummy block near the dojo.

Finally, there are also Skills and Skill Books to consider. You begin the game with a range of skill books that can be used in a fight. There are three further “Manual” skill settings, each of which will take up to 5 skills. More Skill Books can be unlocked by completing item sets or quests, and some are available at vendors.



The game features a unique currency that allows you to buy items, food and access to gambling. You can get money by taking on a Job (Chopping Wood), Fishing, or gambling.


How to make money?

To make money, just chop wood, as simple as that. Go to the chopping block and get to work. The wood cutting system presented by the game is simple. The main character (Ryo) will take a log and place it on the chopping block. He will start swaying back and forth. The main objective is to hit Circle and he will chop.


Fishing Guide

Players will be able to rent a Fishing Rod that can be used at the many fishing spots located all around the open world. Fishing is a good way to earn money and be a fun experience at the same time. You can click HERE to see a complete Fishing Guide.



The Gambling System

Not everything in this game is Kung Fu! Players can also entertain themselves with a variety of mini-games at an arcade, or by joining gambling stations and testing their luck. The gambling system of the game requires tokens, which can be bought from the bookie by the entrance to the gambling area. Using the tokens, the player can participate in different games and get prizes, or more money that he can exchange for more items in the pawn shop.

An important tip for your gambling: A fortune-teller resides in Sunset Hill, and for the cheap fee of 10 yuan she will tell you a “lucky color” or “lucky number,” which will correspond to the winning turtle (color in turtle racing) or the winning frog (number in frog racing).

This is an easy bet! I wish I knew the numbers of the lotteries before being drawn...



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