Heaven Flip

A technique that involves spinning into a kick aimed at an opponet's head.
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Heaven Flip  is a Skill in Shenmue 3. Heaven Flip is a technique that can be used in combat to deal damage to your enemies. Each Skill in Shenmue 3 can be activated with a unique combination of buttons.



Heaven Flip Use and Effect

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How to Find Heaven Flip

  • Where can it be found?



Heaven Flip Notes & Tips

  • The number of skills that can be equipped is limited by the difficulty level.

  • Skills are automatically equipped when acquired. You can change them from the in game menu.



Avalanche Lance  ♦  Big Wheel  ♦  Brawling Uppercut  ♦  Brutal Tiger  ♦  Cannon Blow  ♦  Counter Elbow Assault  ♦  Crescent Kick  ♦  Double Blow  ♦  Downward Punch  ♦  Elbow Assault  ♦  Elbow Slam  ♦  Hold Against Leg  ♦  Hook  ♦  Iron Palm  ♦  Jab  ♦  Katana Mist Slash  ♦  Knee Strike  ♦  Lunging Strike  ♦  Mantis Combo  ♦  Mud Spider  ♦  Oblique Slam  ♦  Pit Blow  ♦  Rain Thrust  ♦  Razor Flash  ♦  Reaper's Kick  ♦  Spin Kick  ♦  Stab Armor  ♦  Sword Kick  ♦  Thigh Combo  ♦  Tiger Knuckle  ♦  Tornado Kick  ♦  Trample Kick  ♦  Twist Knuckle  ♦  Uphill Battle  ♦  Upper Knuckle  ♦  Uppercut


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